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Our mission is to revolutionise the heating industry by making geothermal networks, with ground source heat pump technology, the go-to choice for heating and hot water. We focus on innovative design and build solutions, funding options, and providing exceptional service to our customers.


Founded in 2012, we were an early innovator in the UK's emerging heat pump market.  We quickly grew to become a market leader for our uncompromising commitment to quality. In parallel, over 2012-2020 we constructed a sister asset company - the only portfolio of its kind - comprising 71 large-scale, heat pump assets with RHI accreditation (over 10 MW of renewable heating).

Our Asset Company

Our sister asset company that we maintain provides us with a wealth of national level operating, performance and thermal response data which informs our design and innovation today.

Our Values

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Passion and Pride

Our team is passionate about its work and the company’s mission to revolutionise the heating industry. We go above and beyond to deliver best-in-class projects, and hold ourselves fully accountable for outcomes. We take pride in knowing that the effort and energy we put in directly combats climate change.

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Innovate and Grow

We have the most experienced heat pump project development teams, and our track record is second to none. We succeed because everyone contributes towards innovation. Our curiosity enables better understanding as we find new ways to improve our services. We are ambitious and grow based on smart, well-reasoned decision making.

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Communicate and Collaborate

Humans are social animals. We have evolved to form communities that work together to achieve common goals.
Decarbonising new housing developments is no different; we are all in this together. Sharing information keeps us focussed on our customers values, keeps us safe on site, and fosters new perspectives.

Our Management

Alastair Murray


CEO & Founder
Haydn Mursell, Board - Chair


Alastair MurrayDominick Holland


Business Development Director
Andy Mays


Head of Operations
Joe Catton


Head of Finance
Dominick HollandIvan Horoshenkov


Head of Strategy
Lloyd Reed


Technical Director


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