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Low-emission, low-capex domestic heating and cooling infrastructure for net zero



Experts in our field. Our team has a wealth of experience in delivering low-carbon heating solutions.



projects completed

Residential and commercial. Work carried out with a fully clean safety record.


tonnes CO2 offset

By peak heat pump capacity installed across the UK to date and projected over 25 years. And, we are just getting started!

Certified and accredited by the most prestigious institutions

We are CIBSE accredited, MCS accredited, RECC members, SMAS accredited (recognised by SSIP), and all our operatives carry the necessary health and safety qualifications to carry out their work.

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1. Design

Good design is particularly important for ground source heat pump systems – more so than conventional gas systems. For heat pumps, the design will determine:

1. The electrical capacity required
2. The efficiency and running costs
3. The longevity of the system
4. The performance of the heating/hot water/cooling in the building

2. Installation

Our installation teams include highly qualified engineers who understand the theory behind the design that they are expected to implement. The heat pump installation process is systemised and will typically follow these discrete stages:

1. Project analysis
2. Borehole drilling
3. Pressure-testing
4. Network and plant room build
5. Flushing and filling
6. Wiring and commissioning

3. Operation

Our qualified engineers ensure that the system is continuously performing in optimal condition and any issues are resolved promptly. Responsive call outs extend the life of a system, saving time and money, and provide asset owners with peace of mind.

4. Analytics

We have in-house remote monitoring and data analysis capability to manage heat pumps. This allows us to review system performance 24/7 and to pro-actively identify faults.

5. Innovation

We are at the forefront of whole-system innovation using the latest heat pump technology, network designs and borehole configurations.  All our design work is done in house using proprietary data from operating our sister company portfolio for over 5 years. We benefit from continual feedback loops between our design and on-site teams.


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