Rendesco Supports Clean Heat Europe's #HeatRight Campaign

As the UK’s leading clean heat developer, Rendesco stands at the forefront of decarbonising home heating. We proudly support the Clean Heat Europe #HeatRight campaign, a vital initiative that seeks political action to ensure every European's right to have clean heat in their home.

Clean Heat Europe's #HeatRight campaign is a rallying cry for a Europe where homes are heated efficiently, sustainably, and with zero emissions. This vision is in line with our core mission of promoting ground source heat pumps as a clean and efficient heating solution. Here's why we are standing shoulder to shoulder with this campaign.


1.     Environmental stewardship

Ground source heat pumps offer a low-carbon and sustainable way to heat homes. By harnessing the constant temperature of the ground metres below the surface, these systems produce significantly fewer emissions compared to traditional, fossil-fuel based heating methods. Rendesco is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of heating, a goal that perfectly aligns with the campaign's aim to transition to clean, renewable energy sources.


2.    Renewable energy

The campaign rightly emphasises the importance of renewable energy in heating solutions. Ground source heat pumps, used by Rendesco, transfer heat from the earth to homes. They use a series of buried pipes that extract energy(heat) from the ground and then the heat pump transfers that energy into year-round heating and hot water. Ground source heat pumps are a prime example of a sustainable and renewable heating solution that can be implemented on a large scale.


3.    Affordability and accessibility

Making clean heating solutions affordable and accessible to households is a key objective of #HeatRight. At Rendesco, we share this commitment, working tirelessly to make ground source heat pumps financially viable and accessible to a wide range of homeowners. Through innovative funding models such as our joint venture with Last Mile Heat (which enables house builders to install ground source heat solutions in their developments at a considerably lower cost than through mainstream channels,) technological advancements and government incentives, we strive to make clean heating a practical choice for everyone.


4.    Advocating for policy support

Clean Heat Europe's campaign recognises the importance of supportive policies in facilitating the transition to clean heat. Rendesco actively engages industry stakeholders to advocate for policies that incentivise the adoption of ground source heat pumps and other clean heating solutions. We firmly believe that the right policy framework is essential to accelerate the shift towards greener heating options.


#HeatRight is a mission we are proud to support as we work towards a greener and more sustainable future. With our commitment to ground source heat pumps as a clean heating solution, we are confident the #HeatRight campaign will go a long way towards making clean heat more affordable, accessible, and attractive, while advocating for the policy changes necessary to bring about this transformation.

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